WKCE Sophomore Testing - October 20, 2008

Dear Parents of 10th Grade Students:
Starting on October 30th, your tenth grader will be taking a state test entitled “Knowledge and Concepts Examination”. This exam will test students in the following areas: Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Writing. Testing will conclude on November 6th. The actual time students will spend testing will vary from day to day and will total approximately 7 hours.
This test is required by the federal law known as No Child Left Behind. These tests assess a student’s knowledge and what a student can do with that knowledge. In other words, students must be able to perform: to write explanations, to use logic and reasoning skills, to think critically, to solve problems, and to analyze data. Wisconsin performance standards establish very high expectations. The results of this exam will be given to you in the spring showing how your child’s performance compares to Wisconsin’s performance standards in the academic areas. We are always evaluating our curriculum and expectations of students, so we can continue to improve instruction and learning in the Darlington Schools.
Please review the parent information booklet and the testing schedule sent with this letter. Encourage your child to put forth his/her best effort. It is very important that he/she be present on test days, be well rested, and be ready to do his/her best after a good breakfast.
Please feel free to call if you have any questions about this exam.