Loras College


What did DHS Seniors think about their campus visit:
What did you like best about the school?
-Very nice facilities such as their football stadium and workout center - Jeff R
What did you like least about the school?
-A lot of hills to go up and down in order to get around campus - Jeff R
Was the campus easy to get around?
-Easy to figure out, but difficult to walk - Jeff R
Did you get a chance to meet any of the students? Were they informative?
-Yes, they offered a different point of view than our tour guide. - Jeff R
Did you get to meet any of the Professors? Were they helpful?
-Yes, they were very informative - Jeff R
What 3 things are questionable about the school?
-Overall size, Hills, Variety of majors - Jeff R
What did you think of the town? Was it easy to get around?
-Nice, Dubuque is rapidly growing. Fairly easy - Jeff R
Would you like to attend this school? Why?
-Yes, I like the smaller size, they have a good business dept., and I may want to play sports there as well - Jeff R

Here is what some former DHS students/current freshmen have to say about Loras College:
We currently have no former DHS Students at Loras College.