University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

What did DHS Seniors think about their campus visit:
What did you like best about the school?
- The atmosphere and the friendly staff and students - Brianna B
- The Campus was beautiful and the Music program is great! - Isaac R
What did you like least about the school?
- The distance from home - Brianna B
- COLD! Upper vs. Lower Campus - Isaac R
Was the campus easy to get around?
- The campus is very easy to get around and if you've lost your way, there is always someone you can ask for help. - Brianna B
- yes other than the hill to the dorms.. but its easy to get used to - Isaac R
Did you get a chance to meet any of the students? Were they informative?
- There were many students that I was able to meet, and they answered all of the questions I asked. - Brianna B
- I have met a lot of students and they all have been very informative and helpful - Isaac R
Did you get to meet any of the Professors? Were they helpful?
- The professors were nice, and they helped give me an idea of what a real class would feel like. - Brianna B
- met music professors and they were very welcoming and nice to talk to. -Isaac R
What 3 things are questionable about the school?
- I don't really know anything questionable about UWEC. - Brianna B
- No wireless in dorms, but working on getting it, The bridge to the music building is over a river, which makes it really cold. sorry that's only two - Isaac R
What did you think of the town? Was it easy to get around?
- Eau Claire gives you the feel of a big city without the danger of it. Definitely a lot safer than Madison. It is right off the interstate and so it is very easy to maneuver through the city. - Brianna B
- EC has the lowest crime rate almost anywhere. The city is somewhat spread out but there is public transportation to major hot spots in Eau Claire - Isaac R
Would you like to attend this school? Why?
- I would like to and am attending UWEC because the campus is beautiful, it has a fun learning atmosphere, and the classes are in depth. There are no TA's teaching classes. The class sizes are small, so it is easier to interact with the teacher and other students. - Brianna B
- I am attending Eau Claire because it has the advantages of a great music school at the price of in-state tuition. - Isaac R

Here is what some former DHS students/current freshmen have to say about UW-Eau Claire:
We currently have no former DHS students at UW-Eau Claire