University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

What did DHS Seniors think about their campus visit:
What did you like best about the school?
-The campus was a very convenient size. Everything was pretty (outdoors) La Crosse is a nice town. Dorms were good. - Kayla B
What did you like least about the school?
-Can't think of anything. No golf team! - Kayla B
-There weren't any signs on the buildings that told you what the buildings were. - Mary Paige B
Was the campus easy to get around?
-Yes, they said it only takes 10 minutes to walk across campus. - Kayla B
-Yes, for the most part. - Mary Paige B
Did you get a chance to meet any of the students? Were they informative?
-Yes, there was a group of students who answered any questions we had. They were very friendly. - Kayla B
-Yes, the students were informative and gave some helpful tips. - Mary Paige B
Did you get to meet any of the Professors? Were they helpful?
-We met the Dean. He was a very nice guy. We didn't get to talk to him one on one though. - Kayla B
-Yes, they gave us information & packets on their departments. - Mary Paige B
What 3 things are questionable about the school?
-Clinical Lab accepts a limited amount of students - Kayla B
-Squirrels were a little too friendly, Melva the lunch lady & the dorm water - Mary Paige B
What did you think of the town? Was it easy to get around?
-I liked it. It's easy to get around and it's not too big. Many things to do with free time. - Kayla B
-La Crosse is a really pretty town especially in the fall. If you know your way around & use google maps, it is easy to get around. - Mary Paige B
Would you like to attend this school? Why?
-Yes. I liked a lot of the campus and everything else. Seems like an enjoyable place to be. - Kayla B
-Yes, they have a band and major that I might pursue. - Mary Paige B

Here is what some former DHS students/current freshmen have to say about UW-La Crosse:
What do you like best about the school?

-I really like the people and atmosphere. The town of La Crosse doesn't feel that big and people are friendly. - Amy S
-The people, the campus, its a good size- you can walk across campus in 10 minutes, nice and compact but also plenty of fields and space to play football, ulimate frizbee, stuff like that. - Josh B & Jake B
What do you like least?
-Not being able to have teachers there all the time to ask questions to. You can go during office hours, but they don't always work with your schedule. - Amy S
-We dont know, we really love it here. - Josh B & Jake B
Who are the best professors?
-I really like almost all of my professors. My biology one is hard to follow, but so many people have that class it is really easy to find people to study with. My uncle just passed away and all of my professors were so nice and understanding. I was given extensions and homework help from all of them so I could get caught up. - Amy S
-To be honest- the ones who challenge you, you do way better in their classes than when they don't care about you. - Josh B & Jake B
What three things are questionable about the school?
-Sometimes, the cafeteria food is questionable (hehehe) but otherwise I can't think of anything. - Amy S
-We got nothing. - Josh B & Jake B
What is the campus like on the weekends?
-A lot of people go out on the weekends. We have people over sometimes or just hang out with friends. Sometimes, there will be some really fun campus events (ex; Dances, luaus, cookouts, etc..). There is always something to do. - Amy S
-It's a balance between trying to get homework done and having fun. There are always free activities offered that are awesome. - Josh B & Jake B
What clubs and activities are offered?
-Pretty much anything you can think of is offered. Clubs for future professions to diversity clubs and anyone could find an activity that interests them. - Amy S
-lol whats not offered? That list would be shorter. - Josh B & Jake B
How is the food in the cafeteria?
-The main cafeteria is ok, but there are 4 or more other places to eat that are better. You can use your meal plan at all of them. - Amy S
-Jake and Josh like it!
What are favorite spots off-campus?
-The Mall!!! There is also a movie theatre that has pretty current movies (not new releases but current). The tickets are only $3 and you sit at a table and can order food while you watch your movie. There is an AWESOME ice cream place down town; they make all their own cones and some candy. Otherwise, we like to rollerblade. You can rent them along with canoes, kayaks, bikes, etc.. and take them on trails that go down town and along the river. If anyone wanted a job, I suggest one on campus, if not there are a lot of clothing or groceries stores that are usually hiring (for those you would probably need a car here). - Amy S
-SOOO many restaurants. The river, the bluffs, theres a mall, anything you could need and if you dont have a car the bus is free and takes you all over town. - Josh B & Jake B
Is it easy for freshmen to get the classes they want?
-I got all of the classes I requested this year, one girl told me that she is having a hard time getting into one or two of the classes she needs, but for the most part it is easy. - Amy S
-We got all of the classes we signed up for. - Josh & Jake B
Comments:-I suggest Coate Hall. It is an all freshman dorm and it was nice to know everyone there is in the same situation that you are in. Also, you have a lot of the same classes and there are a few upperclassman that live there that lead study groups. It was really easy to make friends. As far as the distance, I really don't feel like I am 2.5 hours away. It has been easy to come home anytime I need to. Any time someone is coming to visit or anything have them give me a call if they want a personal tour or need help finding things. - Amy S