University of Wisconsin - Madison

What did DHS Seniors think about their campus visit:
What did you like best about the school?
-The amount of things to be involved in; the large city atmosphere - Courtney H
-I liked the busy atmosphere and the diverse campus - Vanessa S
-The cutting-edge technology and new buildings. - Cody C
-I loved the whole thing. The engineering buildings were amazing! - Abby W
-The facilities - Mitchell E
-Nice buildings and campus - Clarey K
What did you like least about the school?
-It was very large, which was a little intimidating, you're taught by T.A.s more than professors - Courtney H
-The huge sizes and the uninvolved professors. - Vanessa S
-The size and the distant feeling the campus gives off - Cody C
-I didn't like how T.A.s taught classes - Abby W
-The size of the campus - Mitchell E
-Class sizes are big - Clarey K
Was the campus easy to get around?
-Yes, because we had tour guides. Otherwise it would be fairly confusing to me - Courtney H
-Yes, but because we had tour guides. -Vanessa S
-No, it was really large. - Cody C
-Yes! - Abby W
-Yes, we had a guide - Mitchell E
-Yes, most buildings were grouped together by their areas of study - Clarey K
Did you get a chance to meet any of the students? Were they informative?
-Yes, they were very informative - Courtney H
-Yes, they were very informative - Vanessa S
-Yes, they helped out a lot. - Cody C
-Yes, they told us about partial credit and the class schedule - Abby W
-Yes, they were very informative - Mitchell E
-Yes, the students were very informative and helpful with answering questions - Clarey K
Did you get to meet any of the Professors? Were they helpful?
-No, we didn't - Courtney H
-No - Vanessa S
-No, we never got to meet any professors. - Cody C
-No - Abby W
-No - Mitchell E
-No - Clarey K
What 3 things are questionable about the school?
-The expense, closeness to State street, the dorms are tiny - Courtney H
-How easy it is for random people to hang out on campus, the expense, large class sizes - Vanessa S
-The size, the tuition, the atmosphere in the classrooms. - Cody C
-The size, Large classes and T.A.s, Do I want to go to go to such a research based university - Abby W
-It is a research school, the size, the cost - Mitchell E
-Class sizes, crime on campus, size of campus - Clarey K
What did you think of the town? Was it easy to get around?
-It was really busy, yes - Courtney H
-It was crazy busy, but fun - Vanessa S
-It was a little too large for me to feel comfortable - Cody C
-I liked how many options there are for entertainment & shopping. It would be easier to get around if I knew the campus better. - Abby W
-I like Madison very much and it isn't that hard to get around - Mitchell E
-Very exciting town - Clarey K
Would you like to attend this school? Why?
-Yes, there were so many extra activities to be involved in and I have heard great things about the medical program - Courtney H
-Yes, because it ha a tough curriculum and tons of students - Vanessa S
-Yes, the atmosphere around the campus would be enjoyable and Badger sporting events would be fun. - Cody C
-Yes, the engineering program is great, I'd have the opportunity to do research, and the change from a small town would be nice. - Abby W
-Yes, they have what I want to study - Mitchell E
-Yes, be exposed to culture and new experiences. - Clarey K

Here is what some former DHS students/current freshmen have to say about UW-Madison:
What do you like best about the school?
-I enjoy the very diverse student population. - Eamon B
-There is something for everyone here and you see something interesting everyday. - Alynna S
What do you like least?
-Calculus is challenging - Eamon B
-I am not a liberal, and sometimes I get a little tired of all the liberal-minded nuts running around. - Alynna S
Who are the best professors?
-Professor Wendt for general chemistry, John Murphy for Freshman engineering. - Eamon B
-There are so many professors that I could not tell you who the good ones are, but Jeff Henriques is an amazing Psychology 202 professor and Adriana Nenciu is great at Math 114. - Alynna S
What three things are questionable about the school?
-None - Eamon B
-None. - Alynna S
What is the campus like on the weekends?
-Very active, there are so many substance free activities going every night. One has no trouble having a great social life and staying drug and alcohol free at the same time. - Eamon B
-It's a pretty happening place, there is always something going on. You don't have to drink to have a good time because there are always non-alcohol related activities. - Alynna S
What clubs and activities are offered?
-There are hundreds of clubs to join. if none of these interest you then you can make your own club or activity and actually receive funding for it. - Eamon B
-There is something for everyone, and I mean something for everyone! From dungeons to dragons to snowboarding! - Alynna S
How is the food in the cafeteria?
-There are many different choices in the cafeterias, and they are all over the campus. if you don't like what one serves then you can go to the next. Almost any diet is possible with the cafeterias. - Eamon B
-It is very healthy but for the most part delicious. - Alynna S
What are favorite spots off-campus?
-State Street. - Eamon B
-The Monona Terrace is a beautiful place to go to listen to music in the summer and dance. State Street is always full of interesting people. - Alynna S
Is it easy for freshmen to get the classes they want?
-Yes and no. many of the classes freshman take are usually gen eds. when you go to your advising meetings they tell you what is available and what isn't, and what classes are wise to sign up for as a freshman. Most of these classes are freshman specific. - Eamon B
-I think for the most part it is. - Alynna S