Campus Visits

Campus Visits
One of the best ways for a student and his/her parents to determine if a college is a good choice is to visit the campus. In addition to providing the opportunity to meet the admission personnel, campus visits allow a student to see the campus via a guided tour. Students can also make arrangements to meet with faculty, coaches or other university staff by prearranged appointments.

Campus Preview Days or Close-Ups offer a more extensive agenda. These programs are typically half-day events that feature informational sessions with faculty, student service representatives and current students.

Scheduling early is key when arranging a campus visit or making plans to attend a preview day. Students should schedule with the campus at least one to two weeks in advance of the date they wish to visit. The reservations for some tour and preview days fill quickly, especially on teacher convention days, so it is important to plan ahead.

You can find Preview Day and tour information on the websites of the individual colleges. You can also call the admissions offices of the campuses.

Campus visits are excused, only if preapproved and arranged, one week in advance by the Counseling Office. These must be pre-approved by Mr. Uppena at least one week in advance. The following requirements must be met to go on a job shadow. 1. Student can not on the concerns list 2. Student can not have any detentions to serve 3. Student must have approval from all effected teachers to attend 4. Student will not miss any extra-curricular activities or practices, unless approved by the coach/advisor 5. Student must provide proof of visit - set up by counselor, Call from parent, call from job shadow supervisor. (Forms are available from Mr. Uppena) Seniors get one excused visit per semester and that day does not count against your attendance. However, news of students not showing up for their scheduled visit will endanger this opportunity. DON'T ABUSE!!!

  • Go off the beaten path. College tours are naturally designed to show you the best side of a campus. You should see the rest of the school. Have a soda in the student union. If you are comfortable approaching strangers, ask them a few questions about their experiences.
  • If possible, go to a freshmen class. This will give you the best idea of what's ahead. Are all classes for freshmen held in huge lecture halls? Do professors teach undergraduates, or are most classes taught by graduate assistants? How easy is it to schedule classes in your proposed major? These academic concerns should be at the top of your list when you make a college choice.
  • See if you can spend a night in a dorm. Many colleges allow prospective students to spend a night on campus. Ask a friend who goes to the school, if you know anyone. Otherwise, the admissions office may be able to arrange an overnight.
  • Trust your instincts. That's the advice of a student who went through the college application process. "Sometimes you can't exactly put into words why you don't think a college is right for you," she says, "but you should pay attention to those feelings."
  • Ask Questions: 1.) What activities and services are available to help students get settled (academically and socially) during their first year? 2.) How big are the classes? 3.) How easy is it to meet with faculty? 4.) What is the total cost of attending the college? 5.) What types of financial aid does the college offer and how do I apply? 6.) Are all freshmen assigned to an academic advisor? 7.) Where do most freshmen live? 8.) Can I take a tour? 9.) What activities are available for students? 10.) Who teaches the courses for first-year students? 11.) How successful are the college's graduates in finding jobs? 12.) What services (such as transportation and shopping) are available locally? 13.) What is there to do on weekends? Do most students stay on campus or leave on weekends?

Some of our students have been on campus visits, here's what they have to say:

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