College Prep Requirements

A great deal of planning should accompany the selection of courses each year. At times it is even necessary to consider more then one year at a time so that a sequence of courses can be planned. The following are several points to keep in mind.
  1. COLLEGE BOUND - Colleges have been changing admission requirements a great deal in recent years. Be careful to check specific entrance requirements for each school you consider. Anyone even remotely considering a four-year program should take the ACT test as a junior and be aware the following are typical of most college entrance requirements:
  • Science...................................3 credits minimum including Laboratory Science (Chemistry, Biology or Physics) (UW-Madison & UW-La Crosse require 4)
  • Mathematics............................3 credits minimum including Algebra, Geometry and Higher Math (UW-Madison & UW-La Crosse require 4)
  • Social Science.........................3 credits minimum including History (UW-Madison & UW-La Crosse require 4)
  • English ...................................4 credits minimum (including Composition & Literature)
  • Foreign Language.....................3-4 credits is strongly advised, and is required by some universities (UW-Madison & UW-La Crosse require 3)
  • Additional Academic Courses....4 credits from the above areas, foreign language, fine arts, compute science, or other areas
Check specific University or College catalogs because requirements vary.

A DHS student must be careful to obtain the total number of "ACADEMIC" credits needed for college admission since our high school requires only 13. All U.W. System Institutions require 17 credits.
  1. Math - Colleges will not accept Personal Finance as a credit towards entrance requirements. Most schools require Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Schools requiring 3 credits of math often recommend that one of the courses be taken in the Senior year. Be sure to check admission requirements for schools you are interested in attending.
  2. Science - Physical Science and Biology, and either Chemistry/Physics are required. Those in the health professions should definitely consider Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2, Physics, and Anatomy & Physiology. This can provide the strong science background needed for certain majors.
  3. Foreign Language - Some colleges require two years of foreign language for admission while other colleges require two years of foreign language for graduation from college. It is possible to obtain college credit/foreign language waiver for high school foreign language. (UW-Madison and UW-Eau Claire requires 2 years of Foreign Language for admission.)
  4. English - The English department has indicated the following options should be considered: REQUIRED: English 9/English Skills, Speech, English 10/ English Skills 10, English 11/English Skills 11. ELECTIVES: AP English*, Drama*, Contemporary Literature, Creative Writing*, if recommended, and Reader's Theater.
  5. VOCATIONAL ORIENTED - Basically there are fewer entrance requirements for vocational or technical schools due to the specialized programs. There are often helpful high school courses students should consider. In some of the technical areas and the health programs, Algebra and Chemistry may be necessary. The technical college catalogs in the Guidance Office should be consulted regarding recommended and required courses. Reading, writing, and oral communication skills are needed in all programs.
NOTE: Many technical programs are beginning to require students take an ACT test. The Associate Degree in Nursing and Dental Hygienist programs at MATC are two examples.

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